I have long been interested in the struggles between sea and the coast. I see this as a metaphor of our lives daily struggles. Beaches are the border between our will and reality that hardly follows our decision as do the waves of sea. Someday the sea is calm and placid, waves caress the beaches with monotonous languor as in some period our days follow each other seamless. Other times the winds ripple the sea more intensely, in other the waves roar to show their power over the coastline and hammer the rocks trying to make them sand. My project try to freeze some of this moments suggesting the viewer to look inside his emotions and memories like when you as a child and put the shell near the ear to hear again the sound of the sea. For these reason I mixed together a realistic and more abstract approach as a way to represent the conscious and subconscious feeling that we experiment looking at the sea. I hope people watching the project could again hear the wind blowing and taste the salt of sea thinking of his past life and future days.