Traces of human becoming

“My identity is in constant evolution. I do not have an identity to protect, I have an identity to achieve, an identity that advances, that grows, that evolves. My identity today is no longer that of yesterday. Who am I? I am my ideas that I have changed, the emotions I have had, beautiful or ugly, are my will. My identity is the composi of all these things, so I am arms that stretch out, I am not immobile roots. ”
Ermes Ronchi
The term becoming in philosophy implies a change not only in space but also in time. Everything is subject to time and transformation. To appear out of nothing and to disappear into nothingness causes a constant sense of anguish in modern man. Man must understand that nothing is really, but that everything is in the state of becoming and of change. Nothing stands still. Everything is born, grows and dies. This photographic project searches for traces of this human becoming in the folds and cracks in the asphalt, in the encrustations in the walls, in the stains left by the passage of man and by the passage of time.