Love by the river – Tourists in love in London

Who said that you can not fall in love in London? It will not have a romantic hill like the Montmartre of Paris or the Lungotevere of Rome with its fiery sunsets but love knows no reasons and blossoms where it wants like a stubborn flower growing in a stony ground. And then the lovers do not pay attention to these things, they are enough on their own and the world is just a blurred background. They will photograph Big Ben behind their backs, take a selfie with yoda in front of the National Gallery or just drink a tea in Covent Garden, it will not be the memory of the holiday but, perhaps, that look of understanding in front of a pint of beer , the complicity of a hug at Trafalgar square or that visit in the rain at Camden Town. Lovers fear nothing, the watchful eye of the London Eye will keep an eye on them and the Queen’s guards will escort their love as if it were the royal chariot. Who said that you can not fall in love in London? Even if the cold is pungent and the wind freezy, nothing can prevent two lovers from loving and warming up with their love, even in London.