Carnival Memories

When I was a child Carnival was my favorite holiday. I liked to dress up but most of all I liked to invent costumes. I do not remember that I ever dressed as a cowboy. Instead I created shipwrecked sailor, a tramp or a cadaver (at that time still there were no zombies). I liked mingling with the dozens of princesses, fairies or zorro and felt unique. I went around the colorful parades filled with candy stalls colored balloons and I would get lost, always! The party inevitably ended with the announcement Little Roberto, your mother is looking for you… Then I realized that I had to return to reality. These were the memories that crowded my mind on the way to the carnival parade.  Once on the highway I looked my clothes, dressed as usual, and wondered what had become the child of my past… But then once I arrived I bought a wig with braids and a Batman mask and I found myself laughing inside.